Page 3 - Search Guide

Basic HTML Version

Using the Tick Selection Choices
When using this option you are filtering results down into a
customised selection process
To activate a choice, simply select the option and the faded tick
(tick box in IE 7 or lower)
will turn green
(selected in IE 7 or
, as per the example below:-
The image to the left shows
the option “Pattern”
selected and then the
results below output all
designs that have a pattern
design in them, as the 2
option of Plain is NOT
selected, no plain results
are visible.
Here we have made a single choice and the results automatically update below the search categories.
Next you can apply more filters with selection choices and the results continue to auto update based on your choice.
On this Image we have
zoom highlighted
additional selection
choices(Colour, Room &
Construction) and you can
see the corresponding
automatic updating results
below have now modified
themselves based on the
new customised search