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Using Quick Search
Using Quick Search allows you to return a set of product results based on a keyword choice you have made, this could
range from a product design name, to a specific product title or partial title, including stock codes.
In this image, the search
term used is “DURHAM”
and the results output are
those where the Title or
Stock Reference contain the
word Durham.
You can also used partial
words; if you searched for
“HAM” you would get
results for all those with
Durham in them, as well as
any that might also contain
the word HAM.
**Tick Selection with Quick Search
Please note that the Tick Selection Choices are completely independent from the Quick Search and therefore you
use a
Quick Search and then use a further filter using the tick choices.
**Keyword Limitations
When using quick search you must simply remember that only the
Product Title
Stock Code
are searchable to return any results
you maybe after using full or partial keyword.