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Product Information Page
The following image shows you the various items of information provided for each full detail page for each product, with
full details below the image.
Product Title
This is the full name of the product, which can include design name, colour name and width. You
can use Quick Search on this term
Stock Code
– This is the unique reference for the product and is a Quick Search usable term
– The available widths for the product
– The material composition of the product
– The method of construction on the product
These images represent a different room type and those that are selected blue show which room
type the carpet is recommended (but not limited to) for.
Product Description
– Any additional information about the product or design range applicable
Image Preview
– Clickable preview image of the product which links to a
full-page image
Design Visuals
– Clickable images that show the product design range in room settings which link to a full-page
LIVE Stock Check
– This will check the stock levels of the product LIVE from Whitestone Weavers, once it has
performed the check you will be notified of the result in a matter of seconds.
Link to Approved Retailers
– Link to help you track down your nearest Whitestone Weavers carpet supplier.